So great…you’re ready to start eating better, working out, losing some weight and getting back into those size “whatever” jeans. You got your gym clothes on, workout music ready, water bottle filled and you’re either heading to the gym or perhaps doing a workout at home. And now…IT’S TIME!!!


But hold up…not so fast there spanky. When was the last time you worked out? For many of us it has been a little while and our bodies aren’t in the same condition or age as when we were last working out or in shape. Every year millions of people try to jump right into a workout routine and it’s all fun and games until they end up injuring themselves.

There is a good reason why it is highly recommended to check with your doctor before starting an exercise or weight loss plan. Especially true if it has been a little while since you’ve worked out. The body changes as we age and muscles don’t repair as quickly as they did when we were in high school or even college. Joints and ligaments are easier to strain or injure and take longer to heal. And some even have blood pressure issues they may not even be aware of. That might be a good thing to know before engaging in an activity that is going to raise your blood pressure even be it temporarily.

Alright then, with that in mind, here’s a list of things you should do BEFORE your start an exercise or weight loss program.

  1. See a Doctor– Go get a physical, tell them your goals and how you plan on getting there. Based on the results of the physical, the doctor will likely have some suggestions and approaches that you can safely work on. They might even have some specific “DO NOTS” for you based on where you are at physically. Also mention to the doctor if you’re planning on taking a weight loss aid and show them the label for their input and feedback. After your doctor’s appointment and clearance to move forward, the next step is…
  2. Eating Right– Any doctor worth their salt will probably tell you this as well during your exam or appointment. Eating right is not only a good idea all the time, but it is even more important when you’re planning on exercising and losing weight. The body needs proper nutrition in order to handle your increased activity and caloric expenditure. There’s a lot to cover on this topic. So much so, that it is slated as a topic of our next blog post to really cover it in more detail. If you already have a particular eating or diet plan in mind (like the South Beach diet or Ketogenic (Keto) diet), it would be a good idea to research all the details of plan and talk to your doctor about it as well get their input and feedback. At the end of the day, we feel that providing your body with good clean and fresh nutrients along with using portion control can get you on the right track to weight loss. And when adding to it, some sort of caloric burning activity, you can maximize your weight loss results.
  3. Operation Hydration– Most know that drinking water daily is a key component to being healthy but it is also important when trying to lose weight. A lot of people don’t realize the amount of drinks with sugar or artificial sweeteners they intake on a daily basis. Try replacing juice or soda with a glass or two of water throughout the day. Water has no calories, no sweeteners and can stop hunger pangs in their tracks. Also, drinking a tall glass of water before eating a meal, will help you feel full and you’ll actually eat less. According to some studies, you’ll consume around 75 calories less per meal by doing this one easy trick. Lastly, keeping your body hydrated not only feels good, but allows you to work out a little longer and burn a little more calories during your workout.
  4. Enter Sandman– Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to many things including weight loss. It has been said that sleep is nutrition for the brain and with good reason. On the weight loss front it is very simple…those who get more sleep, lose more weight and conversely, those who are sleep deprived oftentimes GAIN weight as lack of sleep creates cortisol spikes (a strress hormone) that will then slow your body’s metabolism, making it much harder to shed the pounds.
  5. Work That Body– Finally! We get to the workout portion. But see all the smart things you did BEFORE you started this? Much better approach! And working out needs to be at YOUR level which you can ascertain from your doctor’s visit. For some that might be the latest High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout and for others it might be a walk around the block. The good news is, after you start…the body will begin to increase its capacity for being able to do a little more. Hence allowing you to work your way up to burning more and more calories per workout.
  6. On Your Mark…Get Set…Goal!– Set goals for yourself and chart your successes. If you’re overweight, the fact of the matter is that you didn’t gain that extra weight overnight and so, it is important to realize that it is not going to come off overnight either. Losing weight (like gaining it), is a process. So set up some reasonable goals and chart your success. If you can, find a partner to join you on this journey and cheer each other on. Compare notes and enjoy each other’s achievements and when you each reach certain goals.

By following these steps and starting your exercise and/or weight loss program intelligently, you will likely avoid injury and the setbacks that accompany them. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to not try to push yourself, workout like you used to when we were in high school and relive those glory days. But remember that it’ll take quite a bit longer to lose weight if you’re only able to just do the healthy eating part of the weight loss equation because you went full ham on your 1st workout, pulled a muscle or tweaked a knee and now you can’t workout for 2-3 weeks. Doh!

We’ve heard that Fastin is good at helping curb hunger pangs and also provides a nice energy boost which goes along well with the other facets of losing weight. But remember, to be most effective, it is a multi-faceted approach that accounts for the most healthy and successful weight loss.

Here’s to you! We wish you well on reaching your weight loss and/or fitness goals!