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Hey there, festive friends! As the holiday season is upon us, so comes the temptation of indulgent feasts, decadent treats, and bottomless cups of cheer. 🎵 It's the moooost wonderful tiiiime, of the year 🎶, but…it can also be the most challenging for our waistlines. 🙄 Fear not! This blog post is your friendly guide to navigating the holiday buffet, but with a little mindful moderation. So when Read More

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes a whirlwind of celebrations, family gatherings, and delicious feasts. It's a time when many of us eagerly look forward to indulging in festive treats and hearty meals. However, it's also a season when our waistlines can quickly expand, leading to those dreaded post-holiday weight gain blues. But fear not! With some strategic planning and commitment, you Read More

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” — Leonardo da Vinci

“Drink more water!” We have all heard that water is good for us. But do you know why? Knowing why doing something is important can be a key motivator in helping us to do more of it. Turns out water is not only vital to our bodily functions and overall health, it is also an Read More

Most of us have wanted to lose weight at one time or another. For many people, that time is now. At any given moment, millions of people set the goal, whether on January 1st or the beginning of summer, to lose some weight. Setting goals is all well and good but…it’s the follow through that isn’t as easy. It is important to realize that like achieving most goals, one Read More

Lose Weight By Eating Slow? If only there was a simple way to lose weight, get fit, and feel good about yourself while still eating anything you want. Like we used to be able to do when we were kids or even very young adults. I remember eating a couple double cheeseburgers, fries and a milkshake as a young adult and never gained any weight as a result of Read More